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Dusavikveien 216, 4028 Stavanger

Rogaland A-senter


A brief presentation

Rogaland A-senter is a specialized health care institution treating addiction and substance-abuse –related problems. Rogaland A-senter is also a national centre of competence with two areas of specialization: Substance-abuse issues in families with children, and Substance-abuse and the workplace.

Our Out-patient clinic offers treatment for individuals with substance-abuse- problems and their families, focussing on the children in particular. We provide one-to-one therapy, as well as couples, family and group therapy.

Our Treatment ward offers intensive inpatient treatment tailored to individual needs. Our aim is for patients to be able to move back home and recommence working or studying after completed treatment.

Our Detoxification ward offers detoxification and abstinence treatment (alcohol, prescribed medication and all kinds of drugs)

Our dept. for Research & Development conduct preventive work and develop competence within specialized health care and in the administrative region, in addition to research on addiction in families.

All our work with people who are struggling with their own or others’ addictions is based on the individual’s resources and the assumption/belief that it is never too late to change.

The sooner an addiction is treated, the more likely the treatment is to be successful. That is why Rogaland A-Senter focus on early identification and intervention.